• Health is Wealth!

Meet Rico

Your Community’s Experiential Health and Wellness Unit

Life’s greatest wealth is not something you can buy. It’s something you must work to achieve every single day by making conscious, informed choices. It’s your health. But not everyone has access to the right information to protect and improve their personal wellness. This is why we created Rico. Rico, which means “rich” in Spanish, is a mobile health and wellness unit that is designed to enrich the community through activities and services that present health information in a fun and interactive environment.

Who Can Experience Rico?

Rico is for everyone! The mobile unit serves as an interactive workspace that provides tools and activities designed to educate and empower people to make healthier choices.

Where Can Rico Go?

With a professional driver and a team of brand ambassadors on board, Rico is equipped to travel wherever you need it to go, making it perfect for community events, fairs, festivals and more.

Partner with Rico

Rico creates a fun and welcoming environment where improving personal health is the number one focus. Wherever Rico goes, it delivers knowledge and resources to assess a person’s current health and encourage simple changes to live a healthier life. Organizations can partner with Rico by sponsoring it at a community event or bringing it to your own location to benefit your employees and their families.

What Does Rico Do?*

Every Rico experience is unique. The activities and education it provides can be completely customized to your event and the people you’re trying to reach. The possibilities are endless!

For Events

Any community event you can imagine – fairs, festivals, concerts, nonprofit events and more – is a great opportunity for Rico to engage with people. With its free services and activities, people flock to Rico which is what makes it so effective for sharing health and wellness tools.

For Organizations

For organizations, Rico provides a prime opportunity to spread your message and to give back to the community. By aligning your organization with Rico, you will benefit from increased brand awareness, engagement, and knowing you played a role in improving your community’s health.

For the Community

At the heart of Rico’s mission is community. Everyone should have access to proper health and wellness tools so they can have the best quality of life. Rico provides a major way to make this happen. By meeting people where they are, we can reach exponentially more people who may otherwise never have access to this information.

* Please note that the activities of this experience may vary by event.

Rico In Your Community

Rico integrates seamlessly into any event. All you need to do is to tell us where to park and we’ll take care of the rest! Our professionally trained team does all the heavy lifting while providing your organization with all the benefits. By sponsoring Rico at an event, you will receive the following:

Your organization’s brand featured on the unit and in promotional materials
Delivery to your location of choice
Professional driver
Team of 3+ brand ambassadors
4-8 hours of staffed services and activities
Your choice of games, services or activities
Giveaways, prizes and snacks
Multi-day rental option available
Pricing begins at $6,500.00